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Wow! Just a blink of the eye, I finally locate myself in the last corner of the course. With the balance of another 5 weeks, I do acknowledge that this course has given me a bundle of opportunity to learn and discover many great things concerning ICT. Before this, I never know what is TPACK and some of the websites used to assist learners in their studies. So, this week was full with the term personalized learning. What is personalized learning? Is it shared the similar elements like constructivism? Thus, in this entry, I would love to share with all of you regarding this learning approach and the lesson that I designed to meet up with the theory.

Based on my reading on the Net, I discovered that personalized learning is setting up a platform within the classroom that focuses on contribution, implementation and success. The target is to bring and convey learners to challenge themselves in order to attain personal objectives. There are certain key aspects that will contribute towards the using of personalized learning. For instance, the teaching progression must include the process that somehow expands a repertoire of learning skills and strategies to sustain their development as self-directed learners. With mutual assessments that test on the learners’ understanding and mind extension, teachers must provide temperate guidance and acts as the mentor towards the learners.

9 Gateways

For this entry also, I managed to come out with a lesson that focuses on Personalized Learning. With the Net software “SHIDONNI”, I was able to create an amusing lesson that surely attracts the learners to learn and to draw their own monster. I choose Shidonni because it provides a wonderful journey that requires the learners to draw and play with the colours. As we know, children love colours. Thus, to introduce this kind of activity will ensure that they learn something meaningful in an enjoyable atmosphere.



TOPIC: Let’s Create Your Own Monster.

TARGET LEARNERS: Year 4 learners with high-proficiency.


1.4 Listen to and follow simple instructions and directions accurately.

2.6 Express thoughts and feelings and give opinions on things read, seen, heard and viewed in simple language


1.4.4 Listen to and follow longer instructions.

2.6.3 Give reasons why one likes or does not like the story.

LESSON OBJECTIVES: By the end of the lesson, the pupils will be able to:

a) List down the activities that they want to have with their monster.

b) Draw and colour their monster using the “Shidonni” tool.

c) Describe the characteristics of their own monster.

LANGUAGE FOCUS: Present Continuous Tense (sleeping, running, walking, jumping)



1)    Teacher asks the learners regarding what they have learned on the previous lesson.

2)    Teacher asks the pupils to name the type of monster that they like. (Animal, Robot, Ghost etc)

3)    Teacher shows the learners his monster, (ROBOTIC) and tell a story about it.

4)    Teacher asks several pupils to share their story regarding their own imagination monster


1) Teacher introduces some of the activities that the pupils can do with their monster through PowerPoint – Mentoring and Coaching.

2) Teacher asks the pupils to form groups of five and gets them to come out with a list of activities that they can do with their monster. At the same moment, teacher asks the learners to sketch their monster.

3) Teacher encourages the pupils to use different methods to gather the information like searching through online sources and so on.- Students Voice/New Technologies.

4) Teacher facilitates the pupils and helps them if they have difficulties in completing the task.

5) Teacher gets the pupils to present their products to the class.


1) Teacher asks the pupils to listen to a story entitled “ROBOTIC”.

2) Teacher focuses on the language focus by showing some actions concerning present continuous tense..

3) Teacher explains how to use ‘Shidonni’ tool and clarifies what they have to do clearly.

4) Teacher explains the learners on the procedures to use the drawing tool.

5) Teacher asks the learners to insert the actions that the monster do.(jump, swim etc).

6) Teacher gets the pupils to create a monster using the tool and facilitates each of them.

7) The pupils can choose to draw any monster that they like and decide the place where their monster is to stay. They also can name the monster.

8) Teacher gets the pupils to describe the features of their pets.


1) Teacher encourages the pupils to describe the activities that they do with their monster in tools. For example: swimming in the lake, running on the field.

2) Teacher facilitates each pupil and gets the other pupils to ask questions and give comments. – Advice and Guidance


1) Teacher reemphasizes on the language focus taught to the students.

2) Teacher inculcates moral values to the pupils.









Sometimes it is quite convoluted in order to search for the best ideas to generate a good lesson for the young learners. Since the topic for the week is relating to the use of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” template, we agreed to discuss on the lesson that will somehow attract the learners’ attention. At first, we actually agreed to provide some kind of cultural games to the learners. We list out some topics such as “Famous Places In Malaysia” and also about “Asian Countries”. Nevertheless, when we think for the second time, we found out that the topics are quite rigid. The objective was to create something simple but meaningful to the learners. After some arguments among the group members, we finally decided to utilize stories to trigger the learners’ mind. We chose the famous story of “Six Children and the Elephant”. This is a popular people’ chronicle from India and full with moral values. We chose this story as it has a storyline that talks about the characteristics of the elephants’ body. Consequently, this gives us the opportunity to provide thinking questions to the learners. The goal is to get the pupils to read the story and at the same moment, try to understand the story.

Then, we started to produce the output for the game. We chose several designed and images that suited with the theme and the storyline. With images of elephant and the six children, we fully use the Net in order to search for the story. We also find some questions regarding the story from the Net. Wow! This is a great chance, as our group really needs the idea/ questions to ask the learners. We list down several questions and at the end, came out with 15 questions for the pupils. By looking at the PowerPoint, we somehow discussed and agreed to come out with two presentations. Initially, we designed and put all the questions in the template given. Then, we gave it a try. We discovered that it was good, fun and captivating. However, some of us would love to challenge themselves one step further. They said that the slides are okay, but, they wanted to generate the game in Flash medium. We just got the medium from the Net, and what we can do now is to transfer the questions to the template. Using Flash is more interactive and somehow brings the game into life. With animation and sounds, it looked just like a reality game where responses are available. Once the pupils got the questions right, the computer will response by warm music and praises. This somehow motivates the learners to learn from their own experiences and somehow meet the principles by Brown (1983) that says: “Children, when are ready for learning, will carry themselves a motivation that assist them in the next level”

On the presentation day, we could witness the various activities designed by the other groups. What were the special aspects was they adapted the version into their own. Some of them were called “Who wants to be a Pirattionare?”, “Who Wants to be a Star?” and “Who Wants to be a Genius?”. Instead of using money as the reward, some of them used pirate currency, stars, nicknames like “cyborg”, “alien” and the utmost in the hierarchy, “genius” and some of them gave away sweets. The slides were quite well-decorated to fit in their themes. I think they did a impressive job!

Our group was the only one that chose to use Flash on that day. We discovered there were many aspects that we ought to managed and modify. In terms of the colour selections and fonts used, we entirely respond to the comments with a warm atmosphere…. “Nothing is learned unless it is noticed”-Richard Schmitz (2000)


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I still memorize plainly on how I used various games in order to expand my English proficiency when I was a toddler. With games such as Super Mario and Tom and Jerry, I learned many new things while enjoying the adventures and riddles like storyline. I was about 8 years old that I learned and seek to understand the instruction and what the characters were talking about. Though I can’t understand all the English words, nevertheless, my mom did assist me a lot in order to make “in the gaming atmosphere hehehe….Until now, I am still playing various games in top market altitude but there are more MATURE games compared what I experienced 12 years ago. Counter Strike, Modern Warfare, Warcraft (you name them all), are top games in the market. The graphic designs are tremendously cool and we are essentially BE in the virtual world of games! Conversely, the games are not appropriate for young kids in school. There were cases in which young teen committed brutality to their cliques due to hours spent in games. The concepts encircled by political, sexual and crime issues that compose certain games such as Far Cry and Call of Duty are not suitable for young learners.

There are still many games that we can share with our learners. To embark on, let’s try on one of the game that becomes sizzling sensation in the young American’s mind. The game is Mystery Files: Ravensheart.


Preview Of The Game

This hidden object game is an enjoyable and challenging casual game. The idea is really quite simple. Each level consists of a number of rooms that need to be searched for listed hidden objects within a certain time limit. Once you’ve positioned the required number of objects, the crime computer generates a jigsaw puzzle. Place together the portrait and you’re rewarded with a page of the diary that delves further into Emma’s life. The rooms are quite the challenge to investigate. The items lean to blend in with the surroundings and can be tricky to trace. Nonetheless, you’re provided with 5 hints, in case you get jammed. Almost all levels consist of a locked room that can only be opened on the successful completion of a mystery. Some of these are straightforward; some of them call for a lot of thought. Nevertheless, it does give a person quite the sense of achievement when the door is finally unlocked. Thus, this game is awesome due to its effectiveness to transport young learners to understand vocabulary!




This game requires certain grounding before can be exploit with the learners. My strategy is to use this game with my Year 5 pupils. The teacher can utilize this game for any level (low, average, high) of the pupils’ ability. It is not a matter who master English will win the game. However, the game is focusing more on the path that make the pupils learn and develop their personal English vocabulary! The learning objectives for the three levels of pupils are just like below:


1) To match words with the correct pictures.

2) To listen and to follow simple and longer instructions.

3) To read and to solve the mysteries of Emma.


1.4 Listen to and follow simple instructions and directions accurately.

2.6 Express thoughts and feelings and give opinions on things read, seen, heard and viewed in simple language.

3.6 Acquire a wide range of vocabulary.

4.3 Match words to linear and non-linear representations.

4.5 Construct simple and compound sentences.


1.4.2 Listen to and follow simple instructions.

1.4.4 Listen to and follow longer instructions.

3.6.2 Read and group words according to categories.

4.3.2 Match words to signs, pictures.

4.5.3 Construct simple sentences independently ( 3 – 5 words ) by looking at a picture.

DURATION: 1-2 weeks



Play the game and with the support of dictionary. Teacher’s role is to aid learners to give information on the objects. Teacher embarks the lesson by telling the learners on how to play and enjoy the game. Teacher asks the pupils to take out their notebook and write down the meaning of the words that they don’t know. Teacher reads the diary of Emma and at the same moment, explains what the pupils ought to perform during the game. The game might take a long period to finish as there are many stages of searching. After the pupils have completed a stage, teacher stops the game and help the pupils to save it. Teacher asks the pupils to voice out the vocabulary that they missed. Teacher explains the meaning of each vocabulary. Teacher then distributes some work sheets concerning on the matching activities.



Teacher asks the pupils to categorize the vocabulary/objects on their own group. For instance, the pupils ought to group mangos, watermelon and lemon under the title of fruits. Besides, teacher may ask the pupils to handle themselves with mysteries that require real understanding on the directions and instruction. The pupils will enjoy this as once the rules are break, the detective time and life will be affected. Try to assist the learners that having obstacles in arranging the dominos and puzzle. For those learners that have problems in understanding the words, the may refer to the dictionary in order to search for the meaning.





For better kids, this game can be quite challenging to them as they can argue and have their opinion towards the game. Teacher may ask the pupils to express themselves after they read the first diary of Emma. Teacher may trigger the learners to think and discuss what will occur next in the game. Besides, the pupils also have the opportunity to produce their own words and make shorts descriptions on the image that they see. Teacher may want the learners to generate sentences based on the objects in the games.


The Pros Of Ravensheart

· The sound effects and music make for a very eerie atmosphere. With the whispers, the spooky noises and the creepy music, you really do feel that the manor is haunted.

· The hidden objects may sometimes be different from what you think they are. For example, a cone may be traffic cone or an ice cream cone. You’ll need to think unconventionally to figure it out.

· The graphics are quite nice with each room beautifully designed. The clutter is not really over the top. It also helps that the reason for it is explained in a diary entry.



The Cons Of Ravensheart

· There is no way to renew the number of hints.

· Each diary page tells you very little and it would have been nicer for more information to be included as a reward.

· The hints tend to cover a very large area. Once clicked, a circle appears around an area where the hidden object may be found. It might have been better to narrow it down a bit.




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Hmmm…,,,…I tried all the 15 applications and the result, I found that the software that attract me a lot is Glogster. There are numerous numbers of things that make me to choose this application. The other applications are good where I can design my own animation, my own music and so on. However, there is something catchy elements in Glogster. For me, I personally think that this website is special because it is the best medium for our learners to express themselves.





In terms of learning aspects, there is Glogster Edu that will provide collaborative and interactive work among learners. It will be an interesting experience to see our learners create their own product and share them with their friends. For me, looking at this application for the initial time, it is just like the PowerPoint Presentation. We can add on things that we want such as colourful images, texts, music, videos and so on. Theme is what we always focus in our learning right? In Glogster, there are various themes that can be chosen such as flowers, animals and many more!

This somehow becomes the teachers’ assistance in the teaching and learning procedures. In the set induction, teachers might show some pictures slides in order to attract the learners’ attention. If the class take place in the computer lab, (where each pupil have their own computer), teacher can set the learning process. For instance, in the production stage, teachers may ask the learners to design their own slides show of images of animals that they learned.



This may look like fun but it has its own drawbacks. Initially, it may not be practical to ask students to Glog during class as they might be carried away or spend too much time looking for pictures and materials. This will create a chaotic classroom management as the learners are busying with other things rather than listening to the teachers’ input. Secondly, students might not be matured enough to comment on their friends’ Glogs resulting in fights and quarrels. To cut short the term, EGOCENTRISM is the aspect that draws learners into fight. Lastly, it needs internet connection and computers. In order to conduct learning via, sufficient computers ought to be in school or at students’ home to make it smo0th. Otherwise, this may ended up with many of the students didn’t complete their glogs and learning went halfway or worse nowhere.


Glogster can be used almost everywhere. School and home, you name it all can use this application (BUT WITH NET CONNECTION HUHU). If there are adequate computers at school, then we can use for t-l activities. Like I mentioned above, teachers can use Glogs to present input and students can view them through their computers. I think that this method is good as it attract the leraners’ view in the topic. No more chalk teaching, but, now with Glogster, we can generate something that is so interesting.




For me, I personally think that this website is awesome as it provides me with the platform that will enhance my teaching process. With the combination of images, music and so on, it will create a wonderful experience for me pupils and at the same moment, enjoy their own learning procedures.


Glogster is definitely for all standards. The images and themes provided can be utilized in order to suit our learning procedures. It is on the creativity of the teacher in order to sustain what they want to convey to their learners. But, if possible, the teacher can set works that the learners can involve in. for instance,


After the teacher had present the learning input, the teacher may ask the pupils to search the images of animals, objects, flowers and insert them in their glog.


The learners can write their essays on the pictures given and short poems in their Glog.

I personally think that Glogster can be utilize to the maximum level as it is not only useful for the teacher but also bring a wonderful experience towards the learners.!!!! Go Go GLOGSTER!

Hello again guys…the third week seemed there were bundle of works…hehe..Nevertheless, there are still things that we can share together especially regarding the elements of T-PACK in our teaching and learning process. Though some of us still have some arguments on the needs of technology in school and learning process, we need to remember that the utilization of technology in education somehow provides positive impact on learners. So, what is TPACK? For me, T-PACK is effectively generous to be practice in our education framework..The incorporation of technology in learning system will generate a “building mood” in the atmosphere of the classroom. Based on Wikipedia:

Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) attempts to capture some of the essential qualities of knowledge required by teachers for technology integration in their teaching, while addressing the complex, multifaceted and situated nature of teacher knowledge.

For me, I do get attracted with the words addressing the complex, multifaceted and situated nature of teacher knowledge because it relates back on the teaching profession in this modern era. Sometimes, teachers do find obstacles in providing the best, quality input to their learners. Thus, with the use of multimedia tools such as LCD, videos and so on, teachers are able to convey even the complex materials to their learners. With technology in mind, what the teacher needs to perform is to plan a strategy that work well with their learning beliefs (PEDAGOGY). With this in mind, teachers are now prepared to transport in the content of their subjects. By practicing this in our teaching progress, the learning situation will become more effective and at the same moment enhance learners’ perspective in their personal learning.




Here I would love to share with all of you a lesson that integrates the use of technology in my lesson during my teaching practice:

SUBJECT: English Language.

CLASS: 2 Selasih (Average proficiency level).

ENROLMENT: 25 pupils.

TIME: 8.10 a.m. – 9.10 a.m.

THEME: World of Knowledge.

TOPIC: In The Garden (Life Cycle of a Butterfly).

FOCUSSED SKILL(S): Reading and Listening


LANGUAGE FOCUS: Present simple, names of each stage in the cycle and name of animal.

TEACHING AIDS: Picture of life cycle of a butterfly, task sheet, and “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle, video concerning the life cycle of butterflies.




In terms of the integration of technology in my lesson, I showed the learners with a video on the life cycle of butterflies. After the video, I asked the learners what they can see from the video.



For this lesson, I would love to provide some readings with their learners. My goal is to set a shared reading concerning on the story of a butterfly. Thus, I separate the pupils into several groups and each group need to read a paragraph of the story…I slowly bring the learners to understand the different stages in a butterfly’s life…




I present them with the PowerPoint Presentation “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle..i asked them to read the story at the same moment, stop several times during the reading process. I showed them with some images that concerning on the stages that a butterfly goes in life…





cocoon         index       OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA               monarch-cocoon-250808-20 Knowledge:

I distribute the exercise sheet to all the learners in order to test their understanding regarding the topic learned. Then, I discuss the answers with the learners.




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Hello my Cohort 4 cliques!!! Nice to congregate you all again in this second entry with reference to my ICT RULEZ and WISHES!!! As we are familiar with, every human being has their personal dreams that they fancy to accomplish in their life. The similar decree goes to me. I always have a day dream to become a technological instructor for my beloved pupils. It is a wish that make me crazy to dead if I initiate myself a positive platform to grab all the multimedia gadgets and utilize them all in my teaching and learning environment. Nevertheless, I ought to set my wishes first! Want to know??? Down below are the top ten wishes that I would love to implement in my school..huhu..

10. Outfitted multimedia tools and equipments in school and classroom.

Yes!! In order to conduct a very warm ICT learning, the primary characteristic that needs to illustrate seriously is regarding the conveniences. Laptops, LCD, CR-ROMs, radio and the Net must be developed and ready to be use. The most essential constituent is to update the tools and constantly keep in track with the latest learning gadgets that convey entertaining learning to the learners. Keep on track, don’t overlook it!!

9. Internet connection MUST be good!

Yes! From my perception, I do want my learners to enjoy the voyage into the borderless world of ICT. That will become a reality if only there is a superior Net connection around the school. With some application the Net such as YouTube, visual experiment and so on, it requires strong connection to sustain the learners’ capacity. Imagine that 25 pupils watch the video on science demonstration at one time!!! Thus, the Internet line ought to be good then…

8. Employ E-learning in teaching and learning procedures.

Yes! I admit that learning process will be entertaining if the ICT is implemented. Via multimedia contents, lots of fun activities could be generated to draw pupils’ mind in a productive method. Say the subjects; English? Science? Math?, all these can be taught by using the multimedia techniques…it is see the frogs get ‘assassinated’ by our pupils’ creativity…huhu…

7. Utilize Internet applications to the maximum.

Yes! With certain web pages like the YouTube, British Council and MyExperiment, the pupils will have the prospect to take pleasure in their learning! They are not only colourful but also full with elements that could not be done in classics T-L session. Watch the video and learn the experiment! Or maybe answering some questions online!

6. Provide ICT training for teachers and staffs.

In order to make the dreams come true, the main prospect is to build “techno” esteem among the educators. Teachers ought to be sent for courses in order to expand their understanding and skills in using the multimedia tools. It is a shame if the learners know more than the teacher. So, save your own face teachers!!! Don’t let your face be like Mrs Khoo that we have learned in “The Jade Pendant”…huhu…



5. A special curriculum for ICT learning together with textbook for learners.

Yes! This is what I have been waiting for! A special curriculum just for ICT subject. To make things look formal, we need to set up the plan and the objectives beyond the course. What to teach and how the goals are going to be accomplished. Hence, by having the curriculum and special textbook, learners are motivated to learn in a better approach.

4. Organize events/ festivals concerning on ICT in school.

Yes! By having an ICT based “party” in school compound, learners could share what they have learned and can compete with others in ICT games, ICT essays and so on. With computers around, the pupils can enjoy an experience of the lifetime just from their school backyard. Set some booth such as mobile booth, techno savvy gadgets and prizes will attract learners to participate and become active members in the multimedia world…welcome to the technology world…

3. Tournament among schools (presentation, demo etc).

Yes! This is one of the best ways to improve and to fetch ICT learners in a bit challenging mode. They are not only making some research in looking for the best ideas, but also prepare their results in a constructive manner in order to win the view of the judges and the public. Set a contest among schools and we can see the warm competition is going all around. Every school has their personal ideas regarding ICT. Robot competition if possible?? The best PowerPoint presentation maybe??? Who knows…but..It still can be a reality…believes me…

2. Progress of teachers in order to search quality ICT’s instructor.

Yes! By having scheduled monitoring, teachers can upgrade their skills and motivation in handling classes with ICT based. Once the teacher integrates ICT in their class, some points might be given together with some comments for improvements. Thus, we can say and look for the best teachers after couple of months and they are very competent to teach young learners relating to multimedia purposes.

1. Provide learners with the appreciation scroll/degree.

Yes! This is the ultimate wish that comes after the nine the others! We appreciate the learners that had becoming so active in the world of ICT. Succeed in multimedia assignments; flying with beautiful colours in ICT based exams and many more. Let they remember the experience that they attained in school are totally valuable and somehow preparing them for the better area in their life.



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dreams in their sleep…

desires for something when they wake up…

hopes for the supreme when they dream and wish for their future…

trust the heart and the instinct that you follow…

it will guide you to the destination and all the dreams could be something that
can craft your smile…


Hello guys!!!!Yeah…my fingers are ready to pump in again..haha..I personally think that I haven’t blogging for the past one year..SO…for this final semester, I wish that I could continue this “BLOGGING ARENA” and keep my feet in it for the upcoming years…To embark with, let’s look and comprehend the short sonnet that I engraved…For me, dream is something that everyone cannot afford to miss out..Dreams is positive and we are the one that will go through the path that make the dreams a REALITY!!!

Sharing my experience throughout the 3-months of teaching practice, I individually assume that it was amusing and captivating. The hilarity of the adorable children forever be heard from the corner of my ears and the moments that we had could not be erased for the rest of my existence. Occasionally, I recall back what I have done during the past 12-weeks in the school. I still could recall obviously that I had both the uncomplicated and the rigid times when conducting the teaching and learning procedure. Sometimes, the lessons that I designed did not attain the goals that have been set. At times, the lessons seem so motivating but crooked to turn into something rigid on its progression. Sometimes, the lessons were just simple but were competent to magnetize the learners’ attention and left something constructive in their mind.


That was just several of the things that I would love to share with you…nevertheless…the essential portion that I fancy to talk about is concerning on my experience using ICT in my teaching and learning processes. Initially, using ICT was breathtaking during the teaching practice!!! I had a great times using the multimedia, cartoons, videos and many more!!! Somehow I think that ICT did assist me a lot in my lessons and achieved MOST of the objective that I set. I still could evoke clearly on the day my lecturer came in to observe my Science teaching. Huhuu…the sensation of gasped obsessed me in and out…My strategy was to come out with some PowerPoint Presentation, videos and songs..related to the topic of EARTH, MOON and UNIVERSE. For the presentation, I inserted the combination of cartoons and videos to trigger the learners’ view on the science concept. What makes the lessons good was the E-BOOK that I downloaded from the Net. It was a story of a boy that meet with an alien that later teach him about the MOON and the EARTH. The learners not only learn the concept of science but at the similar moment, expand their reading habit in the second lingo. The E-BOOK was so attractive and at the end of the class most pupils wanted the book from me..hehe…

The using of laptop in teaching seemed so close to my essence. I still could recall on the day I would like to teach listening to my Year 2 pupils. Laptop, speakers and CD songs were all in mind and I was geared up to enter the classroom. However, the CD fails to work once in the laptop. O GOD…what I should do then???. Occasionally, we are so convinced the things that we set will work. Nevertheless, sometimes it will revolve vice versa. Fortunately, there are several English songs in my laptop. The finest thing was; the songs are all on the subject of FRUITS..the topic that I want to teach..huhu..I turn on the speaker, locate the pupils at rest and take pleasure in the sing along session. It was fun to hear the million voices of the pupils…

That’s some of my experience attained with the use of ICT during the teaching practice. I disclose that I learned a lot for the past three months and I do consent with some that multimedia IS and WILL become a new perception in teaching. This is because; the ICT division may seem to be tricky, nevertheless, make an effort to scrutinize from beyond the pessimistic perspective. There are more active results if we are dealing our lesson in using the approach and the scheme of technology. The learners will enjoy …the learners will amuse…the learners will develop themselves…in their learning progress. Once the learners are progressing in vast, assist them from behind with the exclusive configuration called ICT.